19-23 Sept. 2011     

Sevilla, Spain  



 25-29 July, 2011

Las Vegas, USA

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19 - 23 September 2011


Our actions are defined around four vectors:

1. High Quality Technical Contents,

2. it is Multidisciplinary,

3. Worldwide Participants and

4. it is a People-oriented Conference.

Héctor Guerrero / INTA – General Chairman

Gonzalo Fernández / ALTER – General ViceChairman

Juan Cueto / Thales Alenia Space – Technical Chairman

 Miguel A. Aguirre / Universidad de Sevilla – Local Chairman


RADECS 2012 Conference

24 - 28 September 2008

 BIARRITZ (Pays Basque), France

Chairman : Pascal FOUILLAT - IMS

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Radiation Effects on Embedded Systems

This book provides major guidelines for coping with radiation effects on components supposed to be included in today?s applications devoted to operate in space, but also in the atmosphere at high altitude or at ground level. It contains a set of chapters based on the tutorials presented at the International School on Effects of Radiation on Embedded Systems for Space Applications (SERESSA) that was held in Manaus, Brazil, November 20-25, 2005. Coverage includes space radiation effects, design hardening methodologies, simulation techniques of the transient effects of radiation on integrated circuits, methodology and tools for radiation ground testing on circuits and systems, and qualification of circuits and systems for space applications

RADECS 2010 - Langenfeld, Austria

News, infos, technical documents, pictures,  video # 1 and video # 2 from an unforgettable RADECS conference !


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Key words : radiation,total dose effects, single event effects, displacement damage effects, space, satellites, semiconductors, silicon devices, heavy ions, protons, gamma rays, electrons, van allen belts, solar flares, deposited dose calculations, single event upset, single event transient, single event latchup, single event burnout, single event gate rupture, particle matter interaction, hardness assurance, galactic cosmic rays,






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